USA-Immigration politics

Obamas’s view on immigration.

Trump’s view on immigration in a personal letter to an American Citizen

Dear Mr. B…

“My first duty as President is to keep the American people safe, and that obligation guides my approach to immigration and border security.

Immigration to the United States is a privilege, not a right. The Federal Government has the responsibility to enforce all laws passed by Congress, to rigorously vet and screen all foreign nationals seeking entry into the United States, and to keep drugs, criminals, and terrorists from entering our country and threatening our citizens.

Additionally, we must have responsible controls on the future entry of foreign workers to protect jobs and wages for existing United States workers of all backgrounds. I have issued an Executive Order to help accomplish this goal, as I promised during the campaign.

Further, we achieved a record reduction in illegal immigration on the southern border, an effort that requires constant vigilance against a wide array of threats and challenges. We are also taking action to confront unlawful sanctuary city jurisdictions that dangerously shield criminal aliens. Moreover, I continue to press Congress to end the visa lottery and extended-family chain migration, to provide a permanent solution for the status of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, and to move toward a merit-based immigration system. Crucial planning and preparations are underway for the border wall, which is necessary to stop the trafficking of drugs, guns, weapons, and people.

lf we continue to enforce our laws and protect our communities , families, and struggling workers, we will reduce our deficit, increase incomes , and make our communities safer for each and every American- bath now and in the future.

A Letter From Trump

August 20, 2019

​Yesterday, I received a letter from President Trump. About a month ago, I wrote him a letter about immigration. So, he wrote back on the topic and I was surprised to note that the signature did not appear to be applied with toner, but looked like authentic black marker ink. I have posted it here in pdf format. Click on the PDF icon below & Enjoy! (You’ll have to rotate it after opening)

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