Professor Kennedy Muslim: Islam sow chaos in today’s world

“Don’t judge the Muslims that you
know by Islam and don’t judge
Islam by the Muslims that you know. ”

=== Salim Mansur: Islam in the world today sow chaos ===
~~~ We live in an era in which politics has become a fanatical religion ~~~
Salim Mansur, a professor and lecturer in political science, a journalist, a writer, an intellectual and a man of letters (real, not fake), a citizen of Canada, is a rare species of what we would call “moderate Muslim, enlightened and educated” and a visit from the harshest of Islam, despite being Moslem. He was born in Calcutta, India, and immigrated to Canada to complete his doctorate in political science. Not one of the fatwa was issued a death sentence against him because of his criticism against Islam. Mansour is a staunch supporter of Israel and argues that we are today in a destructive, like an evening of World War II and the West share with this action due to blindness, ignorance and multicultural agenda without any activation of a critical examination of common sense. Mansour said that if more Muslims would have a different religion based on the Koran (the first part of his, ie “the blow”), was at peace between Muslims and Jews and there was no dispute that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews.
This short video is a compilation of the longer speech delivered at the meeting in support of Israel, that I have selected for you, just so you get to know this wonderful man.

An open letter to Ahmed Tibi from Mustafa Ali Hamdan Haj Ahmed ripe old age of 26 << current message / 06/2015 | 18: 109 215
This post has been edited
Ahmed Tibi FYI
I am an Arab Muslim. Israeli citizen. Sprained mind the lie called the Palestinian and Arab restoration time has come and say it openly. We, the Arabs living in Israel, just Arabs. We have never been “Palestinians” because there was no such thing as “a Palestinian.” Never. Most of the Arabs in Israel were born in the State of Israel. Our ancestors came from various Arab countries and in the last twenty years, due to employment and income offered by Jewish farmers or different jobs for the British for thirty years.
Indeed, a handful of Arabs were here before under Ottoman-Turkish rule for four centuries. No “Palestinians”. That handful was gathered to his ancestors and his descendants continue to be Arabs like me. The invention of the Palestinian people and the subsequent demand for an independent Palestinian state constituted a nightmare for me. I do not want to live in an Arab state, not B”flstin “. Another Arab country will be conducted like any Arab state that any sane Israeli-Arab should oppose it. None of the Arab countries least one state to be democratic.

There is no struggle – there is no discrimination
I am an Arab-Israeli Muslim who wants to live in his home State of Israel’s National Democratic Jewish people is also my home. As Jews / Arabs / Chinese / living outside their countries of origin to abide by the laws, rules and customs of the place. I demand a complete civic equality between me and all the other Jews, both rights and obligations. I want to just distribution of resources and fair to all sections of the population. The situation of Arabs in Israel is better off than the Ethiopian immigrants, but these are people who know the alternative to Arab countries is much worse. The struggle of the Arabs against the Jews distinguishes us from Israeli society and requires the Jews to discriminate against us negatively. There will be no struggle, there will be no discrimination. very simple.
I am not alone. There are many Arabs in Israel who think like me deep in their hearts, and even give it expression in a whisper. It’s not fashionable to speak and write in western terms – we lived in Israeli society, we have learned a chapter or two of the laws of life, sanctifying death brings death and the right to life is a supreme value than anything else. I am a secular Arab-Muslim who lives among secular Jews if only we would take this nonsense called “Palestine” in our lexicon, there will be differences and there should be a difference between us.

Want an Arab country? – Exit from Israel!
It must be admitted, Jews want to live in peace with the Arabs within them. We bothered them with all kinds of Arab leaders “our” only perpetuate the hostility. Hales, wars and now this reality, the small State of Israel can and should be a model state I do not mind being called “the national home of the Jewish people.” I want to live here. Arab who does not see his value, but an Arab country, it behooves chose such a state. there is a lot. I do not!
Even if this country will be divided and a Palestinian state will be established, will not give up the opportunity to lead a democratic State of Israel. I love this country and respect the Jews who built it on the ruins of a desolate wasteland, neglected and abandoned was here.
“State of Palestine” would be a terrible state. It would not be democratic. Even today you can see the signs of corruption among the leaders of the pre-Palestine. Who will put them on trial and will sentence them to penalties. The State of Israel to do it. Read newspapers.
Mustafa Ali Hamdan Haj Ahmed

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