Simple Chart Destroys Argument That Islam And Christianity Are Both Violent


Every time Muslims persecute or slaughter innocent civilians, leftists and Muslims assure us that Islam is no more fundamentally violent than Christianity. However, one brilliant chart combines scriptural verses and historical facts to prove which one is the real “religion of peace.”

For over 1,400 years, Muslims have claimed that Islam is truly peaceful, preaching that their Islamic prophet modeled a life of tolerance, forgiveness, and mercy for his followers. Of course, those same apologists also attempt to deflect from the fact, pointing the finger at Christianity as being more compulsory. The problem is that when the holy books from these two major religions are compared, the proof is in the prophets.

Just as Christians are commanded to emulate Jesus as closely as possible, Muslims are also commanded to mirror the example Muhammad set forth for them in Mecca and Medina. Placing both of their messages side by side, it’s almost sickening to think that the two ideologies could be thought of as similar, much less having the same god.

The Religion Of Peace has compiled an eye-opening chart that exposes the barbaric lifestyle of Muhammad, as praised by Muslims, versus the unapologetically peaceful precedents Jesus Christ walked, each according to their religiously accepted texts.


Not only did Jesus not kill anyone, he willingly laid down his life for all mankind, even Muslims, on the cross. He preached that whoever accepted his suffering as a means of salvation would enter paradise, something that can never be earned with our deeds. Of course, when we consult the Quran and hadiths, we read account after account of Muhammad’s vengeance. In fact, the bloodthirsty, self-proclaimed holy man had nearly everyone who insulted him brutally executed.

Aside from taking sex slaves, a child bride, and the heads of all who opposed the establishment of his Caliphate, Muhammad justified every debauchery he enjoyed by claiming that Allah had commanded it — and who are his followers to say any different?

Screenshot-189-620x491 (1)

Ultimately, Muhammad was poisoned to death by a Jewish woman he’d taken captive. He died in his child bride’s arms, cursing Allah, as he felt his bloodthirsty god had “cut off his aorta.” Christ, on the other hand, willingly awaited his brutal fate, accepting painful suffering and a gruesome death in order to take our sins upon himself.

Understandably, not every Christian acts as Jesus did, effortlessly turning the other cheek and forgiving those who wish to do them harm. Likewise, not every Muslim acts as Muhammad did, savagely taking sex slaves, beheading enemies, and spreading Islam by the sword.

Luckily, for the rest of us, these backslidden “moderate Muslims” are disobeying 109 scriptures in the Quran that command violence towards unbelievers. Still, this fact doesn’t change the fundamentals of their religion. Just as Christians have no authority to declare that the peace Jesus modeled isn’t Christian-like, Muslims are hypocrites to propagate that Islam is peaceful and can coexist with any other belief. Until we can see the roots of Islam as Muhammad saw them, we will never be able to effectively fight the terrorism it perpetuates.


Simple Chart Destroys Argument That Islam And Christianity Are Both Violent


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